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Let me reface this with the acknowledgement that I sold my first house in three weeks using only a Pennysaver free ad. So I am a fan of this little magazine. For those not familiar with the Pennysaver, its a free publication that has want ads, car lot ads (usually featuring weekly payments) and the like. I always pick one up when the new version comes out. I never fail to find something to amuse me in the ads.
The current edition (Dec 21 -- Jan 11) contains several interesting things. The first thing I noticed was an ad from a wheel-chair bound woman who was seeking a friend, male or female, non-drinker no drugs. I wondered at that one. It was sad. There were several ads from single moms who needed to have a washer dryer donated to them, or help with their christmas plans for their kids. I wondered if those are real situations or someone trolling for yard sale loot? One ad touted mobile home lots out in Madison County. With good credit, Big Wayne would make the down payment and closing costs for you. Big Wayne? I noticed the phone number for Big Wayne and noticed that same number would also line you up with a camper shell, an metal outbuilding, you know the ones that arrive on the back of a flat bed tow truck? Turning the page, right there on page 13, was a full page ad featuring Big Wayne. Big Wayne has on a white suit and white cowboy hat. There with him in the picture were his wife and daughter (I think, it didn't say). They were all grinning at the camera and the wife and daughter had on belly dancing outfits. You can't make this up. In addition to the other enterprises in mobile homes, camper tops, and outbuildings, Big Wayne has a car lot. A true Madison County tycoon in the making.
Previous editions of Pennysaver have had the following gems:

Free to good home, male poodle mix dog. Doesn't like cats and will bite if you mess with his food.

Stratalounger recliner. $85 OBO, Buy this chair or I'll burn it.

Sears stereo, 8 track tape unit and black plastic ball shaped speakers. $50 OBO.

Anyway, pick one up, they are located around Athens and seem to always be good for a laugh.

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hillary said...

I'm pretty sure Big Wayne must have TV ads too. The cowboy hat/bellydancing outfits combo sounds very familiar. Wayne's World of Homes, I believe.