Overheard in Athens

The "Overheard in Athens" blog often makes me laugh out loud ("LOL"), and the reaction by a waiter in this entry struck me as particularly funny. He was overhearing a conversation about someone's intimate affairs, started to make an observation, and then abandoned it. But then I was struck by what wasn't funny at all, the dangerous ignorance of risks in sexual behavior. I usually don't blog about stuff like this, but I guess the relevant point here is that even in this town that is supposedly rather overeducated, there is still a need for greater sex education. A woman in this overheard conversation expressed a possible belief that she is not at risk of sexually transmitted diseases if she is only having anal sex. Unfortunately, this belief is actually all to common, and this is a major way that women (and men) acquire HIV. Many other infections can be passed this way, too.

"Overheard in Athens" captures a lot of embarrassing lapses of intelligence, and that is why I'm addicted to reading it. You never know what kind of crazy things will be overheard next. But sometimes you worry whether a speaker is really as ignorant as he or she sounds.

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ACCBiker said...

I personally have always believed that the quotes are a) either completely made up for entertainment purposes or b) taken completely out of context.

Either way it is one of the first sites that I read every morning because most of them are better than the comics.