Oh, Tannenbaum

So, guys, this is the post where I whine about my trials and tribulations in seeking that most basic of xmas essentials: the christmas tree. Yeah, they're everywhere, sorta. Leyland cypresses in 6-7' heights are everywhere.

But I want something special -- I want a tree, real or otherwise, from 9-12' in height. Preferably a blue spruce or some such, but I'm not picky. It's just gotta be reasonably priced and tall enough not to make my ceiling look freakishly tall.

Any suggestions? Tried any pick-your-own places that you particularly enjoyed?

Also, I'm really not picky about the fake vs. real question -- can anyone speak to the durability of fake trees? Just how bad is either option for the environment?


Tim said...

We used to go down to the tree farm below Bishop. Turn left at the old white shoe store and drive down into south Oconee county. Since the kids grew up and left, we bought an artificial tree. Its internally lit, which saves a lot of hassle, I used to hate getting the lights on/off the tree. I like the fake tree just fine, it doesn't look fake at all. Remember those chrome trees that folks would put a color wheel up in front of? Those always amused me..

Tim said...

Actually, make that a right turn if you are headed into Bishop from the north..

Mike-El said...

Drury's Christmas Tree Farm over here in Winterville always has a great selection in all sizes. You get to choose it, cut it yourself...the whole nine yards.

Unknown said...

Cutting your own tree is a great adventure and the tree farm in Bishop is nice -- good selection.

This year, I drove to the North Ga mountains for a Fraiser Fir, which was cut earlier in the day. I could see the rows of trees on the farm from the 'store' (if you can call a giant shed a store).

I WILL recycle it, so I don't know which is better. The trees provide oxygen while growing and they are replanted.

..but nothing as easy as a prelit tree. Just burn a 'christmas tree' scented candle and no one will be the wiser.

Happy tree hunting.

Flannery O'Clobber said...

So, everybody...were there 9+-ft. tall trees where you found yours?

(And robin, where in the mountains?)

Mike-El said...

Drury's had plenty of big trees the last time we got one there (about three years ago). I don't know if that's the kind of thing that the drought might have affected this year or not. You'd probably want to give them a call before heading out.