Go Spartans!

I've always thought that it was funny that the Athens Academy sports team nickname is the Spartans (Athens was often at war with Sparta, no? though I guess they did band together to fend off the Persians). At any rate, the football Spartans are playing in a A semifinal this morning against Wilcox County at the Georgia Dome. Unfortunately, they are currently down 6-0 in the first quarter, but they did just recover a fumble in the red zone. Go Spartans!

Update: 2nd Quarter, Athens Academy takes a 7-6 lead with a touchdown pass after the fumble recovery. By the way, for anyone at home right now, the game is being broadcast on GPB.

Halftime Update: Bad news Tim; the Spartans have fallen behind 20-7 at halftime. There's hope, though; they were behind before coming back and winning last week as well.

Final: Wilcox County 32, Athens Academy 14.

Oh well. Valiant effort and great season nonetheless, Spartans.


Tim said...

Billy, please keep posting updates. I am at work and cannot get updates otherwise. I don't know any of the kids on the team but I have been admiring their program since Coach Gunn got there.
My oldest son played for Jeff Herron at Oconee and they won the state AAA title in '99. I have been a fan of high school football since his freshman year. Thanks again!

Tim said...

What was the final?? I know Wilcox has two or three D-1 recruits playing for them. I hope it didn't get ugly..

Tim said...

Thanks for the updates. Sorry it turned out the way it did, but at least it was decided on the field and not by sports writers and E!SPN.