Call for art donations - Donald Keyes Mental Health Benefit (Art Auction)

Many of us knew Donald in some way or another and the Mental Health Benefit has been renamed in his honor. This is a great event, especially for those of you shopping on a budget. I've seen even established artists' work go for way less than the market value.

I'm sort of paraphrasing here; the whole thing was too long to post.

The Donald Keyes Mental Health Benefit for 2008 will be held from Sunday, Jan. 27 to Feb.2. The 18th Annual Art Auction will be held on Feb. 2 at the Georgian Hotel, Athens Georgia. Artwork is being solicited for this event. Beginning Jan.2 donated artwork may be dropped off at

Prince Ave Gallery Works, 553 Prince Ave Athens
Frameworks, 351 E. Clayton St Athens
House of 10,000 Frames, 1285 Cedar Shoals Dr, Athens
Frameworks Oconee, 2061 Experiment Station Rd, Watkinsville

Artwork will be displayed at Cups Cofee (1911 Barnet Shoals Rd, Athens, GA) January 28-Feb.1. An optional 20% rebate of the sale price is available to the artist, if requested. Additionally, work will be displayed on the fightthestigma.com website.

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