Who Is HE To Tell Athens What To Do?

An interesting article in the paper this morning says

An Oconee County state representative says the Athens-Clarke Commission should ease its watering restrictions to help landscapers during the drought.

The total outdoor watering ban in Athens is too severe and will lead to a loss of jobs, said state Rep. Bob Smith, R-Watkinsville. The commission should allow watering by hand at least once a week, he told commissioners Tuesday night."

Now call me over simplistic, but who in the heck does HE think he is telling the Athens-Clarke County Government what is should do for its residents?

This is a perfect example of why the proposed repeal of local property taxes should NOT be allowed to move forward.


Adrian Pritchett said...

If anyone wants to read some kind of counterpoint, go here:


Christopher Byrne said...

Good thing I am not a leftist. And it is a shame the ABH did not bother to mention that parts of Athens sit in his district...

Tim said...

I know Bob, or Doot as some call him. I am continually amazed that he was elected to office in the first place. His 'platform' at the time was nothing more than a very dumbed down version of Reganomics on a local level. The fact that he has been reelected so many times underscores the fact that most Americans are too uninformed to vote wisely. I shake my head in amazement at the stupidity of our electorate. And most of our office holders.