Some slices of life this week

  1. Yesterday I went to Office Depot to buy some boring supplies. While I waited in line, a customer ahead of me asked the cashier if the previous customer had bought and left the Diet Mountain Dew that was sitting on the counter. The cashier said yes. After paying, the customer offered to take the soda to the man who had forgotten. She did so, but she came back in to return it to the counter, saying he had left too quickly to be caught.
  2. The power supply to the computer system in the Georgia Square Mall Postal Store cut off and forced the system to reboot this morning. I was at the counter and had to wait about ten minutes before they could do business again. I made small talk with the employee there about things like the annoying and expensive bureaucracy I was mailing stuff to, how I was surprised that you can mail 70 pounds for $8.95, and how changes had been made in the surface and air shipping systems.
  3. On Tuesday the barista at Hot Corner Coffee made me aware how serious our nation's economic problems are. When he told me my total on the cash register he gave an alternate amount in Canadian dollars. I told him I left my Canadian money at home. Then I realized that the Canadian amount was lower and said, wait a minute, aren't Canadian dollars worth less? He said, not anymore! I was aware of the U.S. dollar's devaluation against the British pound and the euro, but things are serious if the Canadian dollar is worth more than ours.
  4. IRL I met Christopher Byrne, the guy who recently starting posting here on Athens World. I recognized him from the photo on his Business Controls Caddy blog, even though my detective skills like that are usually slow.
Yes, my life if very exciting if these are the slices I think to share with you.

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