Risky fire conditions

This letter today at Online Athens is a perfect reminder of the current risk our area is at for fire danger. It reports that carelessly discarded charcoal ignited a bed of wood chips near UGA's Plant Sciences building Saturday. The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning today, the highest level of risk for forest fires. See the Georgia Forestry Commission's Fire Weather System website for more information and forecasts.


Tim said...

About once a week, one of the cigarette 'sticks' out in the front of the Library catches fire. This happened yesterday during all that wind. The security folks in the Library have a pitcher that they use to douse the flames, so they took care of it. Its just a matter of time before one of those little fires gets away and sets a bigger fire. I wish someone would empty those things, or better yet, make the whole campus tobacco free.

Tim said...

So today, I watched a kid talking on his cell phone and puffing away. He finished his call, put the cell phone away, then casually thumped his cigarette into the pine straw next to where he was standing. He walked away so I got up and stepped on the butt. What a moron.

haruka said...

A fire broke out in my neighborhood yesterday.
I was so terrible!!