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The chatter today at the Mayflower was that a middle aged man was pushed/jumped/fell off the top of the downtown parking deck. He hit the sidewalk feet first and somehow that didn't kill him. At least, not right away. No one seemed to know exactly what happened, just that he hit the sidewalk.

I noticed signs up again, reserving part of the quad in front of the Law School. The signs warn off tailgaters, telling them not to set up in that area, as it is reserved for a Law School function, which I assume is related to the football game. I guess they would know, but is it legal to reserve state property like that? I guess it is, the Athletic Association has done it for years, confiscating parking lots and decks on game days for football fans, even to the point of not 'allowing' those of us who pay for parking there to have access to what we have paid for.

The Grounds Department cut the dirt again on the north campus quads. They have also replaced the pine straw around the trees with shredded wood and bark. It stinks like hell, I think its oak remnants. The squirrels don't seem to like it either, I don't see as many squirrels on the ground since that was done.

There is a construction company in Oconee County called SFB Construction. I saw one of their trucks the other day and it reminded me where that name came from. It seems the owner told his father that he was going to form his own company and go into business for himself. His father didn't think much of the idea and told his son 'You must have shit for brains'. The son's response was to name his company SFB Construction. I like that. I'll give him some business when the need arises.

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Tim said...

I was saddened this morning to read about the person who jumped from the parking deck. The ABH reports:


I have several of the Grit's recipes in my collection, including the vegetarian chili recipe. While I didn't know the owner personally, I feel a small sense of connection based on that. I wonder at what would cause a person to do that? Sad indeed.