Its a glorious fall day in Athens

Man, the leaves are dropping like snow and the weather is balmy. The students are gone for TDay, so I decided to take advantage of the lull and have my morning coffee on a bench on the quad. I rolled a few peanut butter crackers at the squirrels and was watching them enjoying the snack when suddenly one squirrel have the 'OMG Its A Hawk' alarm bark. All the squirrels ran to and up the trees. Within seconds, a juvenile red-tailed hawk cruised in and lit on a branch about 15 feet overhead. Under that same branch was one very still squirrel. The hawk shuffled around peering to and fro, trying to see the squirrel. The whole time, the squirrel was within a foot or two of the hawk but was remaining still. After three or four minutes of this the hawk gave up and flew off in search of other prey. These hawks nest and roost down in the cemetery across Jackson Street and they hunt north campus pretty regularly. This time of year with the leaves falling, the hawks are more frequently covering the oaks, hoping to find a careless squirrel. This time, the squirrel wasn't so careless. But that hawk didn't look too emaciated to me.

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