Connecting to people in Athens and moving away

Eponymous Dave reflects on making connections with people in Athens and contrasts that to socializing in New York City. Although he finds it easier to make connections here, he thinks the new experience may promote personal growth. Read his post entitled "Friends."

Maybe former Athenians should band together in New York. That's where a lot of us seem to go.

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Tim said...

Last autumn we traveled to New York to visit our son, who is in school there. We ate supper that first night at a place that had just opened in the Village. Our waiter commented on our accents and asked if we were from Texas. We told him we were from Athens. About 5 minutes later one of the cooks came out to see us. Turned out he had just moved there from Athens about three months earlier. He knew a lot of the same crowd that my son knew in Athens. That seemed like a strange coincidence at the time.