Chance to vote for a local smile

University of Georgia marketing major Karla Dempsey is a finalist in the Smile Bright in the Spotlight Contest sponsored by the corporate likes of Crest and Scope. She is among three with the chance to be chosen to present trophies at the People's Choice Awards hosted by Queen Latifah in January on CBS. She is asking for your support through online voting, and this is your chance to help get Georgia represented on national television. You can vote every day through November 30, so time is short.

Dempsey is excited about the opportunity because she is interested in the business side of the entertainment industry. In an e-mail interview with Athens World, she says that there is a lot about Athens that makes her smile, starting with the people. She writes, "Everyone is so passionate! I love that Athens is a place for all kinds of people to express their creativity." I also asked her if, as a marketing student, she could think of a marketing angle to educate visitors and new residents that the Arch at UGA is not supposed to be called "the arches" in the plural form. She wrote that it would be helpful for people to see the name in print. She suggested there could be confusion with the Golden Arches of McDonald's, which is sad but maybe true because I certainly think of McDonald's restaurants when I hear "the arches."

Again, Dempsey is asking for your vote to send her to Hollywood.

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