Another Athens Phone Book?

Yesterday, I got back from the ER with my son. As I was pulling in my driveway, I seen a plastic bag thrown in from of my driveway. I was thinking, "WTF? Who littered trash in my driveway?" So I stopped my car and picked the bag up. It happened to be the another new phonebook. To me, this was the biggest violation of unwanted wasted paper sense the States McCarter propaganda in my mailbox.

When I want a phone number, I use a page called theultimates.com. If it's an unlisted number I use zabasearch. I also only read online additions of the Flagpole and onlineathens, because it makes a mess and waste paper. I did find it's better to get Athens news on Topix Athens GA because onlineathens.com uses pop ups on the front page, and it looks sloppy.

I guess my point is, I like using the internet better than wasting paper. This new phone directory is heading for the recycle been. People don't have the right to little in my yard. It's just like finding a dog turn in my yard.


Christopher Byrne said...

When I want something fast, I use the phone book. The Internet is not always convenient. And what would you say to those people in Athens who do have a computer or access to the Internet? What would be nice is the ability to opt out of phone book delivery, that way everybody wins.

Also, there is no need to go to topix instead of onlineathens. Just add the onlineathens RSS Feed to your favorite feedreader, or just bookmark the headlines page.

Adrian Pritchett said...

One point to be made here is that there are at least four phone books in the area now, and that seems excessive, especially in light of the smaller need.

The "Southern Pages" is a shoddy product. I haven't even seen what Jon found in his driveway.

Christopher Byrne said...

Oh I definitely agree there are too many. That is why I wish there was a way to opt out, so people who really want and need it can still get it...