Parade photos from Team Brown

If you're like me and didn't go see the Downtown Parade of Lights, then go see the photos that Hillary and Jared posted on Flickr:

Athens Christmas Parade 2007


Some slices of life this week

  1. Yesterday I went to Office Depot to buy some boring supplies. While I waited in line, a customer ahead of me asked the cashier if the previous customer had bought and left the Diet Mountain Dew that was sitting on the counter. The cashier said yes. After paying, the customer offered to take the soda to the man who had forgotten. She did so, but she came back in to return it to the counter, saying he had left too quickly to be caught.
  2. The power supply to the computer system in the Georgia Square Mall Postal Store cut off and forced the system to reboot this morning. I was at the counter and had to wait about ten minutes before they could do business again. I made small talk with the employee there about things like the annoying and expensive bureaucracy I was mailing stuff to, how I was surprised that you can mail 70 pounds for $8.95, and how changes had been made in the surface and air shipping systems.
  3. On Tuesday the barista at Hot Corner Coffee made me aware how serious our nation's economic problems are. When he told me my total on the cash register he gave an alternate amount in Canadian dollars. I told him I left my Canadian money at home. Then I realized that the Canadian amount was lower and said, wait a minute, aren't Canadian dollars worth less? He said, not anymore! I was aware of the U.S. dollar's devaluation against the British pound and the euro, but things are serious if the Canadian dollar is worth more than ours.
  4. IRL I met Christopher Byrne, the guy who recently starting posting here on Athens World. I recognized him from the photo on his Business Controls Caddy blog, even though my detective skills like that are usually slow.
Yes, my life if very exciting if these are the slices I think to share with you.

Christmas parade tonight

It is not even December: Annual Downtown Parade of Lights.


Bluebell Gallery Holiday Reception Nov. 30 (wine & cheese reception)

Blue Bell Gallery

Holiday Celebration

Wine & Cheese Reception
Historic Downtown Comer (15 minutes from Athens)
89 East North Avenue

Artwork by local and regional artists
Holiday Open House 2007
November 30 – December 22
Gallery Hours:
Thursday – Saturday 9a – 6p




Chance to vote for a local smile

University of Georgia marketing major Karla Dempsey is a finalist in the Smile Bright in the Spotlight Contest sponsored by the corporate likes of Crest and Scope. She is among three with the chance to be chosen to present trophies at the People's Choice Awards hosted by Queen Latifah in January on CBS. She is asking for your support through online voting, and this is your chance to help get Georgia represented on national television. You can vote every day through November 30, so time is short.

Dempsey is excited about the opportunity because she is interested in the business side of the entertainment industry. In an e-mail interview with Athens World, she says that there is a lot about Athens that makes her smile, starting with the people. She writes, "Everyone is so passionate! I love that Athens is a place for all kinds of people to express their creativity." I also asked her if, as a marketing student, she could think of a marketing angle to educate visitors and new residents that the Arch at UGA is not supposed to be called "the arches" in the plural form. She wrote that it would be helpful for people to see the name in print. She suggested there could be confusion with the Golden Arches of McDonald's, which is sad but maybe true because I certainly think of McDonald's restaurants when I hear "the arches."

Again, Dempsey is asking for your vote to send her to Hollywood.

Sporting Youth Magazine: Pat Riley on "Finding Your Path"

Athens, GA (Nov 27, 2007) - I am humbled that I get to share page space with Miami Heat Coach Pat Riley in the December/January 2008 issue of Sporting Youth Magazine. Of course he has never met me, and except for this posting, no one would know that I wrote the sidebar for the cover story he wrote, "Find Your Individual Path to Greatness".

In this article, Riley writes about how complicated the word "greatness" really is, and the importance of teamwork and leadership to accomplish one's goals. Most importantly, he points out that youth will have many opportunities in their lives to achieve greatness, so long as they have the right guide to find their path and reach for the opportunities when presented.

Sporting Youth Magazine was founded by Athens resident and Long Island native Maureen Bevillard (pictured right). She wanted to publish this magazine as a resource to help young people to get involved in physical activities and exercise. The mission statement of the magazine is simple and straightforward: "Get today’s youth moving and provide a positive resource to help them do it!"

Ms. Bevillard has been tireless in using her energy, drive and shy New York personality( ;-) ) to make this magazine a reality. She has engaged many people in the community for this effort, and has had sports personalities such as John Wooden and Herschel Walker write for the magazine. So when she writes in the current issue that "Many people asked, 'How did you get Pat Riley to write for your magazine?'", I know the answer is simple. This woman is driven by her passion and commitment to young people.

Take a look at the Sporting Youth web site, and download the PDF of the current issue to share with your children and friends. You will be glad you did.


Well Somebody from CBS is Reading This Blog

It seems that some lurker from CBS in New York came to this blog via my CSTV posting, and then on the my Eye on Sports Media Blog. Lurkers like this should at least just say hello if they are going to take the time to visit our fair city!:-)


Connecting to people in Athens and moving away

Eponymous Dave reflects on making connections with people in Athens and contrasts that to socializing in New York City. Although he finds it easier to make connections here, he thinks the new experience may promote personal growth. Read his post entitled "Friends."

Maybe former Athenians should band together in New York. That's where a lot of us seem to go.

JBS Experimental video


Water use reduction goal met

From the Athens-Clarke County government, unified and all that:

Athens-Clarke County has met the state-mandated 10% reduction in water consumption as compared to last year’s winter average. Athens-Clarke County is one of the first communities in Georgia to accomplish this before the December 1 deadline.

According to figures from the Public Utilities Department, the current average daily consumption for the month of November is 13.43 million gallons per day (MGD). This rate is below the statewide requirement of 13.5 MGD. November ACC water consumption figures show significant conservation when compared to the mid-October rate of 14.47 MGD.

Happy Thanksgiving


CSTV's Recent Visit to Athens

This slideshow is of the recent CSTV visit to Athens. The story that goes along with these pictures is available over on "Eye on Sports Media".

Photographs Copyright 2007 by Christopher Byrne. All Rights Reserved.

Its a glorious fall day in Athens

Man, the leaves are dropping like snow and the weather is balmy. The students are gone for TDay, so I decided to take advantage of the lull and have my morning coffee on a bench on the quad. I rolled a few peanut butter crackers at the squirrels and was watching them enjoying the snack when suddenly one squirrel have the 'OMG Its A Hawk' alarm bark. All the squirrels ran to and up the trees. Within seconds, a juvenile red-tailed hawk cruised in and lit on a branch about 15 feet overhead. Under that same branch was one very still squirrel. The hawk shuffled around peering to and fro, trying to see the squirrel. The whole time, the squirrel was within a foot or two of the hawk but was remaining still. After three or four minutes of this the hawk gave up and flew off in search of other prey. These hawks nest and roost down in the cemetery across Jackson Street and they hunt north campus pretty regularly. This time of year with the leaves falling, the hawks are more frequently covering the oaks, hoping to find a careless squirrel. This time, the squirrel wasn't so careless. But that hawk didn't look too emaciated to me.


Athens Christmas Parade Nov. 29

Or you can just watch the video from last year.

Downtown Athens Christmas Parade of Lights
Thursday, November 29, 2007
(7:00 PM)

Athens' annual downtown Christmas Parade of Lights ushers in the holiday season. Over 60 floats, bands, and other groups parade through downtown streets awash in twinking lights. The parade begins on the corner of Dougherty and Pulaski Streets ending in the front of City Hall for the traditional tree lighting ceremony, hosted by none other than Santa and Mrs. Claus. Come early for the Downtown Open House, with great deals and extended hours by great downtown retailers!

Admission: $0
Parking fee: $0
Event Phone: 706-613-3589

Event Link: http://www.accleisureservices.com

Pedestrian fatality

Athens-Clarke County Police report that a pedestrian was struck and killed by a vehicle at about 6:30 this morning on West Broad Street just west of the Hawthorne-Alps intersection. David M. Green, age 44, of a Berlin Street address, was crossing south when struck by an eastbound vehicle. No charges were made immediately against the driver. The investigation closed all eastbound lanes for some time this morning.

A post about nothing

I don't have any pithy comments or anything like that. I just wanted to post so that when I hit athensworld, that NTAC representative's smug picture isn't on my screen. Wait, was that pithy?


Who Is HE To Tell Athens What To Do?

An interesting article in the paper this morning says

An Oconee County state representative says the Athens-Clarke Commission should ease its watering restrictions to help landscapers during the drought.

The total outdoor watering ban in Athens is too severe and will lead to a loss of jobs, said state Rep. Bob Smith, R-Watkinsville. The commission should allow watering by hand at least once a week, he told commissioners Tuesday night."

Now call me over simplistic, but who in the heck does HE think he is telling the Athens-Clarke County Government what is should do for its residents?

This is a perfect example of why the proposed repeal of local property taxes should NOT be allowed to move forward.

The Board of Regents and Casket Logos

Some of you may have heard that the Board of Regents is considering a policy change. This would allow casket companies to market caskets with the UGA Logo as part of it. So not surprisingly, I found this video on YouTube today...


Another Athens Phone Book?

Yesterday, I got back from the ER with my son. As I was pulling in my driveway, I seen a plastic bag thrown in from of my driveway. I was thinking, "WTF? Who littered trash in my driveway?" So I stopped my car and picked the bag up. It happened to be the another new phonebook. To me, this was the biggest violation of unwanted wasted paper sense the States McCarter propaganda in my mailbox.

When I want a phone number, I use a page called theultimates.com. If it's an unlisted number I use zabasearch. I also only read online additions of the Flagpole and onlineathens, because it makes a mess and waste paper. I did find it's better to get Athens news on Topix Athens GA because onlineathens.com uses pop ups on the front page, and it looks sloppy.

I guess my point is, I like using the internet better than wasting paper. This new phone directory is heading for the recycle been. People don't have the right to little in my yard. It's just like finding a dog turn in my yard.

Daily list of crime on UGA campus

I wasn't sure if this has been posted before, but here is a link to the daily crime log from UGA PD:


Gordon Lamb on Ted Hafer

Gordon Lamb wrote a nice piece on Ted Hafer. It is full of memories and reflections as well as links to MP3s of Porn Orchard songs.


Motivational Minutes with Jon Bird

Tailgating on north campus

Here is the scene on north campus prior to the Georgia-Auburn game. See all the nice fans who love our University and its football team? This is how they show their appreciation for our campus and University.


Anyone ever heard of MLU or the Ulms before?

This is an article from the Savannah newspaper about corrupt politics emanating out of Lake Oconee to try and take over the rest of the South and the country with G.O.P. good ol' boy network keeping the status quo entrenched to take more out of the public coffers to line the pockets of their donation givers, such as the mysterious Athens based business called MLU and the Ulms and their unlimited wealthy donations to Republican governors. Wondered how much money they made off Katrina?


Launch of a New Athens-based Blog

I have spun off a new blog, entitled "eye on sports media", from my existing one today, and it will focus on sports broadcasting. As we are in Athens, a lot of the content will take place around or include UGA. Stories already posted include a piece today about ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd's visit to UGA for a live broadcast, and a piece on Larry Munson's semi retirement.

For a city of Athens size, we get a lot of media attention from the Sports World the BBC was hear earlier this week do do a story on the drought).

So please offer any suggestions, comments, etc., and have a great weekend!

More Friday musings

The chatter today at the Mayflower was that a middle aged man was pushed/jumped/fell off the top of the downtown parking deck. He hit the sidewalk feet first and somehow that didn't kill him. At least, not right away. No one seemed to know exactly what happened, just that he hit the sidewalk.

I noticed signs up again, reserving part of the quad in front of the Law School. The signs warn off tailgaters, telling them not to set up in that area, as it is reserved for a Law School function, which I assume is related to the football game. I guess they would know, but is it legal to reserve state property like that? I guess it is, the Athletic Association has done it for years, confiscating parking lots and decks on game days for football fans, even to the point of not 'allowing' those of us who pay for parking there to have access to what we have paid for.

The Grounds Department cut the dirt again on the north campus quads. They have also replaced the pine straw around the trees with shredded wood and bark. It stinks like hell, I think its oak remnants. The squirrels don't seem to like it either, I don't see as many squirrels on the ground since that was done.

There is a construction company in Oconee County called SFB Construction. I saw one of their trucks the other day and it reminded me where that name came from. It seems the owner told his father that he was going to form his own company and go into business for himself. His father didn't think much of the idea and told his son 'You must have shit for brains'. The son's response was to name his company SFB Construction. I like that. I'll give him some business when the need arises.


Night of Poetry

The Institute for African American Studies and the Mandala Journal are pleased to announce our first Bi-annual night of Poetry:

Thursday, November 15, 2007
Adinkra Hall (4th Floor, Memorial Hall Ballroom)
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Featuring work from: UGA Creative Writing and English graduate students: Elizabeth Fields, Aghigh Ebrahimi, and Kamille Bostick.

Special Guests: Community poet LIFE from the Dreaded Mindz Collective
& SAPPHIRE* Award-winning poet and author of the novel Push

We will have an Open Mic session after the scheduled reading. For those of you interested in sharing your poems there will be a sign up sheet at the door.


*Sapphire will also participate in the Willson Center Roundtable Discussion: Exploring Memoir Across Genre and Media Formats
Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2007 at 4 PM
Student Learning Center, Rm 248


Risky fire conditions

This letter today at Online Athens is a perfect reminder of the current risk our area is at for fire danger. It reports that carelessly discarded charcoal ignited a bed of wood chips near UGA's Plant Sciences building Saturday. The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning today, the highest level of risk for forest fires. See the Georgia Forestry Commission's Fire Weather System website for more information and forecasts.


North Avenue suspect arrested

Joseph Taylor Mills, 24, of Colbert was charged today with stalking and simple battery for an Oct. 18 incident on North Avenue. This is the suspect depicted in a sketch from information reported by the victim named as "20-year-old Natalie" in an earlier news story. Speculation in that story and subsequent stories was that he could have been the same man who abducted other women in a white van. He has not been charged with any other crimes at this time. In the North Avenue incident he was reported to have stopped in a burgundy sedan and asked a group of four women if they wanted a ride. Police say he later went to the apartment of one of the women where he tried to talk his way in. He allegedly touched her hair and grabbed her hip before her roommate appeared and he left.

Mills has been identified as the suspect in this sketch. Anyone having information on the abduction incidents involving the white van should call the Athens-Clarke County Police at (706) 613-3888 and ask for Detective Dickerson at extension 793 or Detective Ivey at 337.