A few Friday observations

Some people, when talking on their cell phone, will pace around like a tiger in a cage. I
see this on a daily basis on north campus. A person will be talking, hand against head,
looking down, pacing back a forth. Today I watched a student pace over to the post on the
edge of the sidewalk, gently kick it, turn and pace back to center of the natural area,
the turn and pace back to the post, gently kick it, etc etc. This went on for 4 complete
circuits. This type of behavior is known as stereotopy and is seen in caged animals, the
severely retarded, and adult pyschoses and schizophrenia. Maybe we need a new term related
to cell phone usage.

The Grounds Department cut the dirt on north campus this morning. The dirt looks a lot
better for it. I saw the big mowers emerging from their dust clouds as they rode back
and forth. The operators had on paper dust masks and they needed them.

Squirrels, it seems, have to practice. I watched two young squirrels in the big oak in
front of the law school. They were up on a main limb, walking around, testing moves
and small jumps. They'd climb up a little limb off the main limb, slip around, then move
back to the main limb. I watched for 10 minutes or so, fully expecting one to fall to the
ground, but despite several near misses, neither one fell.

I don't go to the clubs downtown. I am too old I suppose and am frequently asleep by 9 PM.
And thats Saturday night. But if I did go to clubs downtown, I wouldn't go to Caledonia.
They have their flyers taped to the benches on north campus. The flyers get torn and end up
on the ground and the tape leaves a mess on the benches. Thats tacky. Stop it.

Beer bottle twist off tops are non-biodegradable, at least for the short term. Look
at the number of beer bottle tops in the dirt where the grass used to be before the
tailgaters and drought killed it. You'll see them next to all the cigarette butts that
were casually dropped on the ground, they're still there too. Go Dawgs.

Philosophical musings can still be read on the bench in front of the Library, but its
fading fast. So here it is: "If we want to cultivate a true spirit of democracy, we
cannot afford to be intolerant. Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause.” Ghandi
said that. He also said "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so
unlike Christ". Indeed.

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Polusplanchnos said...

I've seen two squirrels fighting in those trees fall about thirty or forty feet, hit the ground hard, and then run right back up the nearest tree.