Frustration with The Bus

Why are people slow to switch to public transportation? Probably partly because agencies like Athens Transit do a poor job of staying consistent and communicating with their potential ridership. If you can't figure out how to find a bus, you probably won't ride one. I found the Saturday timetable for Route 20 online -- but it says nothing about how the route is slightly different on Saturdays. So I just stood outside for 25 minutes for nothing. And then their phone number to ask questions isn't on the website either. (It's 706 613-3430 in case you need to know.)

Update: The guides for routes 6 and 20 have NO MAPS, either in print or online. Thanks, Athens Transit, for ruining my Saturday.


codeman38 said...

Try having the Saturday version of route 25 changed such that it no longer goes west of Research Drive on College Station... and the only notification of this is in not even an HTML file, but a *Word document* whose link gives no indication that the route even changed in the first place.

codeman38 said...

(In fact, I should probably start drafting a blog post on the things Athens Transit could do so much better; after all, I've enough experience dealing with them, what with not being able to drive and all...)

Unknown said...

I am a frequent and consistent rider of Athens Transit and often feel the same frustrations. I have not been able to expand much past my M-F AM and PM commute because of the poorly documented route maps and timetables.

I can say that I know that there are some changes upcoming that may help alleviate some of these frustrations. For example, the bus system is being equipped with GPS devices to improve the tracking and reporting of individual buses and routes. Also, there is a proposal to increase the frequency of some of the more popular routes.

I suggest that you and all other interested parties get involved in local organizations (e.g. BikeAthens) that help promote alternative transportation to help make a difference.

codeman38 said...

OK, this is getting weirder. I just saw a Route 6 going by Memorial Hall tonight. There's not even supposed to *be* a nighttime route 6, according to the web site! ::is very confused...::

brent said...

i understand & agree w/ these frustrations. i've been relying on ATS for several years, and my weekend errands are often half-day quests b/c of the tightened schedule. hopefully, however, the tech-based improvements coming up will provide a lot of this info riders need. glad someone mentioned bikeathens! i'm on the board, and i can attest that we work very closely w/ the transit director, butch mcduffie (a great guy, btw). another excellent way to get meaningfully involved is through the "transit advisory committee," which meets fourth Monday of the month 5:PM at Multimodal Center. these meetings are a way for riders to speak directly & face-to-face with the transit director & staff.

Winfield J. Abbe said...

Why is Mr. McDuffy "a great guy" when he deliberately and negligently fails to disclose the current forced tax subsidy of about $1.5 million from the Athens' taxpayers to operate this public boonedoggle? How would you like to live on Commerce Rd. and be forced to pay for this system but not receive any service? Would you spend thousands of dollars hiring lawyers to sue the local government in federal court to seek to force them to comply with the equal protection clause of the Georgia Constitution and provide service to all citizens in every nook and crany of the county?
This non public bus system, mainly for the benefit of providing customers and employees virtually free rides to businesses should and must be shut down immediately.