Bags for Bears (Bear Hollow/Zoo)

Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail and ACC Recycling Division are introducing a new community-wide program: Bags for Bears!

Starting October 1, community residents can recycle their plastic grocery bags and wraps at several locations, including the Athens-Clarke County Recycling Center on Hancock Industrial
Way, the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department on College Avenue, Bishop Park, Bear Hollow and Memorial Park as well as Sandy Creek Nature Center.

The materials will be collected, recycled and made into composite, plastic lumber. The goal is 405,000 bags or 6,500 pounds by December 31 st . If the goal is met, Trex, Inc. will donate
their composite, plastic lumber to Bear Hollow for building, playscapes for the bears, bobcats, and otters to play on and enjoy. This is part of an on-going effort to provide physical and
mental stimulation for the resident animals. In addition, it keeps these materials from littering our roadsides and out of our local landfill.

Area schools can get involved and the top five producing schools will
receive special prizes from ACC recycling Division and Bear Hollow. This is a Green School Activity!

Bags for Bears is a unique partnership between Bear Hollow, ACC Leisure Services, ACC Recycling Division and Trex, Inc, a Virginia company that makes lumber from recycled plastic bags from
both home and industrial sources. This is truly an innovative application of their excellent product. Please call Bear Hollow at 706-613-3616 or ACC Recycling Division at 705-613-3512 for
additional information.

Please bring in those bags and participate in this unique event!

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Unknown said...

progress on bags to bears?

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone knows how we are doing collecting bags for the zoo animals. I tried the 'net, but no luck.