Adopt a cat -- AAHS in terrible need

Many of you have read or heard about the 40 or so odd abandoned house cats found in a house on Lavender Rd in Athens. Apparently, the owner had left town for a while(?) leaving the cats to more or less fend for themselves. The Athens Humane Society has treated, rehabilitated, and now has some of them ready for adoption. AAHS is offering a reduced adoption rate (1$) for these cats.

However, given the overwhelming burden on the Humane Society (they stopped accepting rescues for a while, except emergency situations), these cats are facing a grim fate and only have a few days left. If you know of anyone who would be interested in adopting a cat, please do remind them of the AAHS shelter.

Here is a blurb with more info:

Change their Luck for a Buck! AAHS is now accepting adoption applications for the nearly 40 cats rescued from an abandoned home last week. Visit our website for complete information on adopting one of these special pets for only $1. Some of the more 'fraidy' cats are also looking for homes as well-maintained barn cats. Learn more! Thanks to the many special donors and foster parents who are making placement of these animals possible.


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Update: 4 p.m. today is the deadline for filling out paperwork for these cats. Of course, AAHS, has lots more cats and kittens for adoption, too.