Seen On The Bathroom Wall At Hot Corner...

Not Just A Stop on the A Train

Then, of course, some stickler for the facts had to take the time to correct them by writing below that:

Only the G, 7, and F Trains stop in Flushing; not the A Train

I don't know much about the New York subway system, but a cursory review of the official map indicates that our enterprising fact-checker is correct.


Jon said...

I think we need a train in Athens.

Adrian Pritchett said...

We definitely need to join the rest of the developed world and have passenger train service to other urban centers. It is time for Georgia to stop this rural sprawl mentality and become properly urbanized in its populated centers. I have heard that putting together a passenger service is no big feat for the state government because it has already put together new freight lines in the past. But for some reason, it becomes a political problem when it's passengers instead of freight.

In the Northeast it is simple for people to take a train from Boston to Philadelphia or White Plains to Flushing. Down here we have population centers like Athens more isolated from major cities. It only makes sense to have trains connecting metropolitan places like Athens and Macon to their state capital and closest international airport.

Joe said...

The A train goes through the heart of Harlem and was the inspiration for Billy Strayhorn's "Take the 'A' Train," made famous by Duke Ellington.
Take this from a fact checker who frequently took that train while growing up in NY.