Free Parking on North Campus!!

So, the North Campus parking deck has been offering free parking to everyone for over a week now. Well, not really free for everyone. Staff, faculty, and students, who pay $30.00 a month to park there, are paying. So can I expect a rebate or pro-rating of my August $30.00 parking fee? Riiiight. I assume its the same way in all the decks and regular parking areas.
I think it's, at the least, dishonest for them to sell 3 permits per parking place on campus, that's bad enough. But to not pro-rate our monthly parking fees for times like this is downright wrong. I know, I know, its tough to modify payroll deduction, administrative overhead, etc etc. Those are the excuses. But the fact is, faculty staff and students get ripped off on a regular basis by our 'friends' at Parking Services. There now, I feel better now. NOT.

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