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Call it "Life in Athens in the Summer, 2007." Who can tell me the quickest pedestrian route from the Georgia Museum of Art to the baseball field parking deck that doesn't involve Carlton? I've been just walking straight through the construction zone there, but I get a lot of "you're not supposed to be here" looks and they've got to start paving it at some point, which will make matters more difficult. The Vet School seems a likely candidate for a good place to cut through, but there also look to be fences in the way. I know that every time there's road or sidewalk construction, there are also pedestrian complaints, but I haven't seen any with regard to this project, which is also clogging up traffic and generally annoying everyone for the sake of what? Prettier sidewalks? That's what appears to be going on.

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Polusplanchnos said...

You should be able to cut through the Vet school parking lot area off of East Campus just fine, so long as you stick to the southernmost part of the lot (the opposite side from the AHRC: where the dog kennels used to be). Walk west along the forested hill there, and follow the driveway as it turns south and up the hill. If you keep going west, that empties onto Ag Drive with the Coverdell building in front of you. The Carlton Deck isn't too far from there.

Another route to take is to pop out the back of the GMOA, go down Green St, and cut across the DW Brooks Mall.