Athens Is, Dare I Say, En Fuego

Earlier today, Athens hit a new record for August 9, 103 degrees, beating out the previous high of 101 from 1980. The Weather Channel is predicting a high tomorrow of 106 degrees, which would set the record for August 10 and would fall just 1 degree shy of the all-time Athens high, 107 degrees (which was also in August, predictably, but after looking at several sites I have been unable to determine the date and year). Yesterday was also a record high for August 8 at 102 degrees, beating out the previous high of 101 degrees from 1930.

It's freakin' hot, is what I'm saying. I hope your air conditioning is working. Damn you global warming!

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Tim said...

Thursday morning at 0700 I was cruising through 5 Points. WUGA reported the current temp as 81. At 7 AM. Damn.