Film Series at the Athens Public Library

I do get other cultural events listings, too, but today they are all from the Athens Public Library (and FREE!)

Interested in Hispanic or Latino culture? Please join us at the Athens Regional Library (2025 Baxter Street, Athens) for this year's Hispanic Heritage month film series. Here is the schedule:

(Tues) Sept. 11, 7-9 pm: Cuban Blood. (Released in 2003 as: Dreaming of Julia.) Directed by Juan Gerard. PG-13. "Che [a young boy] tries to keep order in his small town until rebels blow up the power plant making all the lights go. Now he has to confront the rebels before they take everything he loves away." Starring: Harvey Keitel, Iben Hjejle, Gabino Diego, Diana Bracho, Cecilia Suárez.

(Mon.) Sept. 17, 7-8 pm: Streams of Gold. Documentary. "This documentary traces the history of an American company’s presence in an Andean mining town from the 1890’s to World War II, where filmmaker John Tweedy’s grandparents lived and worked for nearly thirty years. It explores the complicated relationship between global capital and its effects on local communities."

(Mon.) Sept. 24, 7-9 pm: El perro del hortelano. Directed by Pilar Miró. Based on the Siglo de Oro play by Lope de Vega. Not rated. In Spanish with English subtitles. "A 17th-century Spanish noblewoman romances her low-born personal secretary, who is in love with her maid." Starring: Emma Suárez, Carmelo Gómez, Ana Duato, Fernando Conde, Miguel Rellán.

(Mon.) Oct. 1, 7-9 pm: Take the lead. Directed by Liz Friedlander. PG-13. "Pierre is a ballroom-dance instructor with courtly manners whose pupils tend to be well-heeled teenagers. Partly as a dare and partly as a joke, he is offered the job of supervising a South Bronx high school detention class, where the students regard him as a visitor from the moon. They resist him, but he fascinates them, and before long, Pierre has talked them into learning a few steps. He even suggests that if they work hard enough, they might have a shot in a citywide dance competition, which offers a first prize of $5,000. As they morph into Astaire’s and Charisse’s, and as Pierre’s lessons instill self-mastery, self-restraint, and self-respect, these previously aimless kids blossom into confident, self-possessed young adults." Starring: Antonio Banderas, Rob Brown, Yaya DaCosta, Dante Basco, Alfre Woodard.

Rondalla music at the Athens Public Library

From an events list:

Live! at the Library with Rondalla! This Sunday, September 2!!!! Free. Traditional Mexican music with Rondalla will be the theme of the September Live! at the Library. The Rondalla tradition dates back to early 16th century Mexico. The music is a fusion of early Mexican and Spanish sounds combining guitar, mandolin and other acoustic instruments. Live! at the Library begins at 3 p.m. in the Library auditorium. This monthly concert series is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. The group performed here on a weekday night several years ago, filled the auditorium, and the library staff heard raves about them for weeks afterwards. Come enjoy a cool place to hear some great music.

Athens-Clarke County Library
2025 Baxter Street
Athens, Georgia 30606
706 613-3650


Hilly Kristal, Richard Jewell both died today

These two people have absolutely nothing to do with one and other, besides their death dates. Richard Jewell was a security guard at the Atlanta Olympics who was falsely pegged as a "person of interest" in the bombing that eventually Eric Robert Rudolph pleaded guilty to, and Jewell got a buttload of money out of NBC and some other media outlets because of their apparent rush to judgment. I encountered him in 1995 getting pelted by Piedmont College student in one of those weird snow storms north of I-85 in Demorest, and even then he had oddly prescient delusions of grandeur about saving someone from catastrophe at the Olympics.

Hilly Kristal found CBGB's in New York City which closed a few years back. This club was generally credited as the birthplace of American punk music, where the Ramones, Television, Talking Heads and Blondie cut their teeth among other bands. I went there just to say I had been there during one of my many rock and roll related trips to a New Music Seminar in the mid 1990s.

What does CBGB's stand for? Country, BlueGrass and Blues. I can't remember what OMFUG stands for right now


Saxon kick-off party Saturday in Nicholson

My campaign for Congress begins this Saturday at 10:30AM on the front porch of my home in Nicholson, GA. I'd be honored if you could attend.

Without you I'm one man with a desire to make a difference. With you I could be a Congressman with the ability to make this country a better place.

Please join me Saturday the 25th of August for the launch of our campaign.
Have a great day,


Home Address: 5905 Waterworks Road, Nicholson, GA 30565
Paid for by Bobby Saxon for Congress
P.O. Box 6624, Athens GA 30604


Misguided fluoride

Even though the Athens community is progressive, the Athens-Clarke County government is apparently following decayed wisdom on preventing tooth decay by engaging in the forced medication of the population through our water supply with the addition of a fluoride compound. According to readings available through the Fluoride Action Network website and similar websites, ingestion of fluoride is linked to numerous health problems including bone cancer, fragile bones, decreased intelligence, kidney and liver damage, and lowered fertility.

When you consider what is generally known about fluoride and how it is used to actually prevent tooth decay, these claims are quite credible. For instance, fluoride rinses contain sodium fluoride for which users are instructed to swish for a minute and not to swallow. The instructions further say to call poison control if more than one dose is accidentally swallowed. What quantity of fluoride compounds do we swallow over time through Athens' drinking water? We actually cannot control the amount we are exposed because different people drink different amounts of tap water. Fluoride helps teeth by topical application, not ingestion. One part per million of fluoride, the standard employed by Athens, is insignificant to help teeth through exposure, but ingesting fluoride can lead to fluorosis of teeth and delayed eruption of teeth in children.

The readings also claim that studies show that last century's improvement in dental health came through public education and in many cases actually preceded fluoridation of public water. There are studies that show no correlation between a community's dental health and its ingestion of fluoride compounds.

The real effort against water fluoridation should be at the federal level where the Environmental Protection Agency could ban the addition of fluoride compounds to public water. However, I cannot believe that an educated community like Athens is following the outdated ideas of the early 20th century that are now shown to be dangerous.


UGA #5 Party School

Here's the report from CNN. West Virginia is #1 for the first time since 1997. UGA had been slipping in recent years on this list; glad to see we got our groove back.


Armed robberies downtown

Is this an unusual number of armed robberies for downtown? A man was robbed at gunpoint by a pair of black males about 2:50 a.m. on Wednesday while walking on West Hancock Avenue near Pulaski Street, according to the Athens Banner-Herald. A possible suspect was arrested. Now the Athens-Clarke County Police report that a woman was threatened at gunpoint last night at about 11:10 p.m. on West Hancock Avenue as she was getting into her car. She had no money and the gunman fled. The description of the suspect is "early 20s, dark complexion, slim but muscular" and he wore a "black fuzzy hat, blue shirt with raised light/white lettering, dark baggy jeans, and tennis shoes."


UGA grades online

The University of Georgia for years has made grade information available to show how professors grade students section by section in a series of documents called "The Key." Now three students are consolidating this information into a single independent website they have just launched, UGAKey.com. It currently contains grade distributions from 1999 through this past spring. The developers of this site plan to eventually add a course evaluation system and collection of syllabi.

Controversy arose in the spring of last year when the university administration considered removing the names of instructors from The Key, but apparently it was convinced otherwise. The idea was that it is bad to enable students to shop around for better grades. However, since there is no university-wide set of grading standards and many departments lack such standards, I say it is only fair to disclose the wide grading disparities between instructors.

Federal funds for mental health court

From the county:

ATHENS - Athens-Clarke County, with the assistance of the ACC Department of Human & Economic Development, has been awarded a planning grant from the U.S. Department of Justice in the amount of $45,000 to assist in the planning and establishment of a mental health court. To increase public safety and make more effective use of limited criminal justice resources, the Superior and Probate Courts, working with the local mental health service provider Advantage Behavioral Health Systems as well as other groups, proposed to establish a mental health treatment court for offenders involved in the criminal justice system due to their mental illness.

This would actually be a program of Superior Court -- a dedicated court docket for persons whose mental disorder was the underlying cause of the behavior that led to the arrest. This specialized docket, or calendar, would be managed by the Honorable David Sweat, Judge, Superior Court of Athens-Clarke County, with backup assistance, as necessary, provided by Judge Susan Tate of the ACC Probate Court. It is anticipated that judges in the other Athens-Clarke County criminal courts would refer cases to the new “Treatment & Accountability Court.” The program would divert eligible offenders whose crimes most likely would not have occurred were it not for their mental illness from jail into treatment. This program will focus on keeping individuals in treatment through the use of judicial rewards and sanctions, arranging community support services, and continuing supervision.

Experience in other communities shows that judicial supervision ensures effective mental health and substance abuse treatment thereby reducing criminal behavior and leading to fewer arrests and less jail time while improving the quality of life for the offender and their families. It is also the goal of the local group to achieve better transition planning for persons upon their release back into the community from the jail or hospital, as well as to explore all options for ensuring that treatment is readily available when needed, whether through the mental health court docket, or through traditional criminal or civil commitment.

Over the next several months, the courts will be working with various county agencies and local groups to plan the final framework for the new court. The University of Georgia will be assisting in the development of the screening and assessment tools while also gathering data for later analysis. Local community support groups will also be establishing a clearinghouse of community and mental health resources that will be made available to the participants to assist in the treatment and long-term stability.

The proposed Treatment & Accountability Court would be a joint endeavor with Athens-Clarke County Superior and Probate Courts; Athens-Clarke County Jail/Sheriff’s Office and Police Department; District Attorney, Solicitor and Public Defender’s offices; Advantage Behavioral Health Systems; Family Counseling Services; University of Georgia School of Social Work and Law School; Interfaith Hospitality Network; the Mental Health Association of Northeast Georgia; Athens Justice Project; and the Clarke County Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness along with numerous other mental health, housing and community support providers.

Rep. Paul Broun support HR 676 Universal Healthcare:


Wilma's Upcoming Events

Hey, I hope that you are doing well. Here are my

Wilma’s…. Upcoming events


*Wed August 15th at The Morton Theatre – Live NPR
recording by Joe Silva for Athens 441. Featuring

*EP/DVD release on same evening – 3 songs produced by
John Keane, at John Keane Studios, 1 song produced by
Davis Causey, at Last House Studios. Executive
Producer Simon Meachin.

*The DVD released is the video of the song,
‘Winterville’, directed by Dan Aguar, and edited by
Joey Foreman. Music production of same by John Keane

*Wilma begins production on her full CD with Matt
Yelton (Pixies) August 10th.
Full CD release is expected for late fall.

*Tuesday August 14th, at the Winterville City Council
Meeting, Wilma’s song ‘Winterville’ will be proclaimed
as the official song of Winterville GA.

*September 20-30th, Wilma is performing at UGA Cellar
Theatre in the play Sordid Lives. Wilma will act, and
sing 4 songs, each as a different country singer:
Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, June Carter and Loretta
Lynn have been proposed. Directed by Dr. Farley
Richmond. For more info, go to: drama.uga.edu/events

*Wilma will be performing at The Hemlock Festival in
Dahlonega on November 4th, at 9am. Other performers
are Col Bruce Hampton, Shank and Packaway Handle. For
more information, go to: myspace.com/hemlockfest

*Wilma has been asked to join the Heart of Georgia
Singer/Songwriters Tour in November 2007. It is a
nine day tour of as many Georgia cities with 5 other
Native Georgians. Details to be confirmed soon.


Extned the bus line the the VA clinic in Athens Georgia

Athens Is, Dare I Say, En Fuego

Earlier today, Athens hit a new record for August 9, 103 degrees, beating out the previous high of 101 from 1980. The Weather Channel is predicting a high tomorrow of 106 degrees, which would set the record for August 10 and would fall just 1 degree shy of the all-time Athens high, 107 degrees (which was also in August, predictably, but after looking at several sites I have been unable to determine the date and year). Yesterday was also a record high for August 8 at 102 degrees, beating out the previous high of 101 degrees from 1930.

It's freakin' hot, is what I'm saying. I hope your air conditioning is working. Damn you global warming!

Free Parking on North Campus!!

So, the North Campus parking deck has been offering free parking to everyone for over a week now. Well, not really free for everyone. Staff, faculty, and students, who pay $30.00 a month to park there, are paying. So can I expect a rebate or pro-rating of my August $30.00 parking fee? Riiiight. I assume its the same way in all the decks and regular parking areas.
I think it's, at the least, dishonest for them to sell 3 permits per parking place on campus, that's bad enough. But to not pro-rate our monthly parking fees for times like this is downright wrong. I know, I know, its tough to modify payroll deduction, administrative overhead, etc etc. Those are the excuses. But the fact is, faculty staff and students get ripped off on a regular basis by our 'friends' at Parking Services. There now, I feel better now. NOT.


Brief contest

Call it "Life in Athens in the Summer, 2007." Who can tell me the quickest pedestrian route from the Georgia Museum of Art to the baseball field parking deck that doesn't involve Carlton? I've been just walking straight through the construction zone there, but I get a lot of "you're not supposed to be here" looks and they've got to start paving it at some point, which will make matters more difficult. The Vet School seems a likely candidate for a good place to cut through, but there also look to be fences in the way. I know that every time there's road or sidewalk construction, there are also pedestrian complaints, but I haven't seen any with regard to this project, which is also clogging up traffic and generally annoying everyone for the sake of what? Prettier sidewalks? That's what appears to be going on.


Athens Popfest 2007


Including my favorite band, Mouser!

Seen On The Bathroom Wall At Hot Corner...

Not Just A Stop on the A Train

Then, of course, some stickler for the facts had to take the time to correct them by writing below that:

Only the G, 7, and F Trains stop in Flushing; not the A Train

I don't know much about the New York subway system, but a cursory review of the official map indicates that our enterprising fact-checker is correct.