Dust all over north campus

I noticed last week that there was a fine layer of white dust all over north campus. The dust is due to some work being done on the Dean Rusk building. This is happening at night during the week and during the day on weekends. The workers are basically grinding away at the mortar between the bricks on the building. I came in on Saturday and heard what sounded like 3 or 4 grinders whirring away. The weekend rains seem to have helped settle the dust a little, but I think the grinding continues. That building isn't that old. I wonder whats wrong with the mortar?
Anyway, if you notice the dust, thats what it is. Its everywhere.


Unknown said...

I saw them working on that one weekday several weeks ago. Any idea _Why_?

Tim said...

I have no idea why. I'm asking around and will post anything I find out. I initially thought they were sand blasting the bricks. There is that much mortar dust on the ground and surrounding trees.