Arrest in BOA robbery

The Athens-Clarke County Police report:
After an investigation of the bank robbery at BANK OF AMERICA, 110 E Clayton St, on July 10 TEMPLE B SILVA, 43, Parkview Ext, was arrested around 1820. SILVA, who was arrested at her residence, was charged with Robbery by Intimidation.


Winfield J. Abbe said...

Why not have her trial tomorrow or next week? Why wait 2, 3, 4 or more years? "Justice delayed is justice denied".

Once upon a time in Athens a murder suspect was arrested one day, following indictment by a grand jury, tried the next day and hung the next day. Now that is justice, not this politically correct, lawyer perpetuated nonsense we have today, where every criminal is a victim.

Polusplanchnos said...

In a liberal, post-Enlightenment society, this "lawyer perpetuated nonsense" is necessary, because from the point of view of the state, any person is a criminal, every accused a person. An Athens where a person is arrested and killed is a Pyongyang, a Beijing, a Baghdad. I can understand that having "swift justice" is appealing when you are not accused of a crime, but a state who is rather flippant with its accusations and its trials is the end of all corruption. Not the beginning, but the end.

For someone who remarks often enough about the corruption or ineptitude you see in Athens governance, why on earth do you want a three day killing of someone accused of a crime, no matter how heinous, in that very same city?

When your seat is there on the defense, it only makes sense to pursue every available means afforded to you to be free from the accusation. And the greater the crime and more dangerous the punishment, the more a person should be permitted. While you may do everything in your own power to resist the temptation to commit crimes, that still does nothing to restrict others from accusing you or bringing suit against you.

And if the court is corrupt, "swift justice" is perfect. Less oversight, more judgment.