Tate expansion

I noticed last week that construction trailers (mobile offices) were being set up in the parking lot across Tanyard Creek from the Legion Pool parking lot. Then chain link fencing went up around the area across Lumpkin where the construction will take place. Yesterday, they had put up black plastic on the fence so you can't see what is going on there. I wonder whats up with that? Construction secrets maybe?
I also wonder what the impact on the Dawg Walk will be. That occurs right through the parking lot that will no doubt be torn up with construction.
It should be a fun year or so of driving up and down Lumpkin!

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Tim said...

I noticed this morning that the parking lot is open all the way back to the existing Tate, so I assume game day festivities will be minimally impacted. I imagine most of that crowd will be too drunk to notice anyway.