Elevator phone; courthouses

When I got off an elevator today, I heard a ringing sound and then a fast, peppy voice saying something about "five days and four nights." I swear the elevator phone must have gotten a pre-recorded telemarketing call. I didn't know those things would actually answer incoming calls.

Whenever I go through security at the Clarke County courthouse, the metal detector goes off and so a deputy does the wand thing around me. At the Oconee County courthouse, the metal detector doesn't go off -- so I suppose one could sneak a really, really small knife into that one, or at least a belt buckle.

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Tim said...

I was on jury duty a couple of weeks ago in Oconee and the wires and screws in my knee set the metal detector off every time I passed through it. Gak, I guess theres more hardware in there than I thought.