Drivin n Cryin at Georgia Theatre

I saw tonight one of the best straight up rock n' roll shows I've ever seen. Opening for Kinney and the boys was Civil Twilight, coming to us from South Africa via L.A. They were somewhere between Dave Matthews, Radiohead, and, I dunno, just good pop rock. Great instrumentation and a haunting voice from the lead singer.

And then of course there was Drivin n Cryin. I had never seen them live; I saw Kevn solo once here in town, and that was a great show in its own right, but a whole different thing since it was mostly acoustic. Tonight they just shredded and were freakin' awesome. Featured were covers of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir and Neil Young's Keep on Rockin' In the Free World, and lots of their own awesomeness in between (including, of course, all of the favorites like Honeysuckle Blue, Fly Me Courageous, and Straight to Hell; oh, and did I mention Kevn did a rendition of Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land?). Also making guest appearances were Thad Cochran, a singer/songwriter from Nashville (not the Senator from Mississippi) who apparently recently toured with them in Europe, and JB of Polish Sausage and Comeback Sauce fame. I swear to God! He got up and sang a soulful A Change is Gonna Come, and damn if he wasn't awesome too!

My ears are still ringing, and I'm still reeling from the awesomeness.

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