Cashing in on Cofer's

As with many nurseries, Cofer's is trying to wipe out their inventory at the time when it's worst to care for it. So they have something called Cofer Cash, which is a 50% off coupon for a certain amount of material, based on how much one spent at an earlier point in the season when the temperatures were low and the cash was rolling in. Ok, so I'll bite. But I am a bit tortured with regard to what I'll select. Here's what I have in mind for the Cofer Cash...

For a very hot, moderate humidity, super-acidic under-pine and -privet spot (one plant, or alternatively I could put a posse of fothergilla there):
Burkwood Viburnum
Carlecephalum Viburnum
Pink Dawn or Dawn Viburnum
Ack-Scent Camellia
Fragrant Joy Camellia

For the driveway-side, very narrow garden:
Fothergilla (smells so fantastic.)
George L. Taber Azalea (gorgeous white flower with a pink throat)
Fragrant Star Azalea
Piedmont Azalea
Nacoochee Azalea
Balzac Exbury Azalea
Irene Koster Azalea
Autumn Chiffon Azalea (blooms twice, looks like the Taber)
Various gardenias
Tons o' hostas

I should probably pick some sort of ground cover for the pond area, too. Oh, and I have to rescue a few plants from the woods.* I think I'll have a variety of ferns and some chinese ginger. Not sure where I'll put them yet, though.

Any sugestions, Classic City gardeners? What have you had success with, and what plants do you love?

*Note: This is an actual rescue, not wildcrafting. As in I take the plants or they die.

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jmSnowden said...

Got some late season peppers and tomatoes with my cofers cash. Currently doing rain dance.