My schedule limited me to one night of AthFest, and that night was tonight. We saw the Whigs outdoors (great of course), the Pegasuses-XL at 40 Watt(good but not my thing really; sorry, I'm into lyrics), and Save Grand Canyon (good, kinda sounds like Live) and Countdown to Ecstasy (awesome as always) at the Ritz. Then we were going to see Dark Meat at Tasty World, but the throng of idiots waiting to get in was unbearable, so we went back down to 40 Watt instead and caught a bit of Cinemechanica. Then we made the obligatory post-downtown IHOP visit and went home.

I'm declaring this AthFest a success. They did a much better job at getting the good Athens people in this year. Over recent years it had seemed to drift into more of a family event. Not that there's anything wrong with having family friendly stuff during the day, and they certainly did that this time as well, but it needs to remain at its core about the local music. And it did this time, I think.

Oh, I almost forgot. After Pegasuses and before we left 40 Watt, we saw Mouser (wow, really? you went to the trouble to create a Myspace page?), who I must say might give Recycled Shotguns a run for their money for the title of Worst Band Ever. I mean, really, wtf? Are all of those people with horns just your good friends that wanted to get on stage with you or something? Because they don't play horns very well. Just saying.

If you haven't seen anything yet, make it out tomorrow. I think it's pretty much just the outdoor stages tomorrow, but still some pretty good options, including the Georgia Guitar Quartet and Drive-by Truckers.


hillary said...

Hey! I like Mouser. Good drums.

Oconee Democratic said...

Mouser and Dark Meat are bands that take some getting used to....that much said, I have seen Mouser put on some fantasically chaotic shows at the Secret Squirrel, but in general, they are an interesting ensemble whose creativity might not be the perfect antidote for those seeking a new Rush or Voivod or Stravinsky.