Athens Door Guy

This is good stuff. Athens Door Guy tells it like it is from his station in downtown night life. On getting kicked out of a bar:
If you find yourself being forcefully removed from a bar by a half dozen bar employees, then don't fight us. This makes things worse for only yourself. More than likely you're in a headlock because you, in your drunken state, did something very stupid. So don't act like we're treating you badly without cause. You started this, remember?
You can also read about the right way and the wrong way to ask to get inside after 2 a.m. Right way: "Excuse me, I left my tab open inside. Is there any possible way I might be able to go get it?" Wrong way: "I left my tab open and I'm going in there to close it right now. You can't stop me. I'm a marine and you're just a f***ing civilian."

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