Anybody Else Fed Up with the WiFi at the Five Points Jittery Joe's?

First of all, name your network something besides linksys (like, I dunno, "Jittery Joe's"?). Second, damn Airimba. My computer keeps trying to connect to it, even though I deselected automatic connect (ok, in all fairness, this is not JJ's fault, except that it wouldn't keep trying to connect if the JJ connection didn't keep falling off). So I have to keep manually connecting to the JJ linksys. Then, after I do, half the time I'm connected when my laptop says I'm not, and vice versa. WTF?

Is this me or them? I don't seem to have these problems at other coffee places.


Tim said...

Odds are, if they (or their contractor) haven't even changed the name of the network, they probably haven't enabled an admin password either. Most linksys stuff ships with a null admin password. I'd be real careful on that network. No, now that I think about it, I wouldn't use that network at all.

Unknown said...

Well if you are not on a Apple then grab a copy of Boingo wifi manager. It work worlds better than the windows default.

I use KWiFi on my laptop.

tatertoternator said...

I have the exact same problem(s) at Joe's (5 points, not Alps). No solution to offer, just my sympathy.