Upstairs, Downtown

Today is the day of the "Upstairs, Downtown" tour offered by the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation. "A self-guided tour will provide a seldom seen glimpse of historic places and personal spaces in the architecturally-rich, vibrant and eclectic downtown, accompanied by a vivid historical narrative," says the website of the Foundation. It sounded pretty neat to me and my wife. We appreciate the history and architecture of our town, and we thought about taking this self-guided tour.

But then we see that tickets are $20 each. We weren't sure if we might like dropping all that money just to see a few buildings that we can already see parts of anyway. We considered that we would be glad to support the mission of the Foundation, seeing as how we don't appreciate enterprises like Gator Haters coming downtown and screwing with the scenery. However, we're not sure the tour is worth $40 to us. I now get the feeling that this Foundation is either composed of people just from the affluent segment of the community to which $20 just seems like a normal price for something like lunch, or else the Foundation is aiming this event at a small segment of the community. Either way, I certainly feel excluded. This is a self-guided tour, not a concert or something. Local heritage is something that the wider community should be encouraged to appreciate.

College Avenue

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Flannery O'Clobber said...

Depends on how you see this particular event. My guess would be that the ACHF sees it as a fundraiser and has determined that $20 is an appropriate cost.

That said, it does preclude a lot of people -- like impoverished college students, casual fans, etc. -- from receiving the education that the tour would provide.