Three things

I experienced three things to share with you today:
  1. I saw an old convertible today, but I don't know much about old cars, so I couldn't recognize its make or model. As it passed me, I saw the name "Studebaker" and thought, wow, I don't see many of those. I then noticed it had an old white-on-green Georgia tag with the year 1964. I didn't notice if maybe it had a current tag on the front.
  2. Clothing tags are still in fashion. I saw a boy in hideous plaid baggy pants that stopped below the knees. He had left its two labels hanging on threads and a paper label on the back of the waistband.
  3. Downtown's parallel parking spots are for compact cars only! I tried to parallel park in a space on Jackson Street next to the Georgian, and I did so against my better judgment because I could see that neither car in front or back of the space had pulled over the lines and so I thought there must be room. It took the most ridiculous number of movements forward and backward to get my car into that space, and I got out a couple of times to check behind me. When I was done, the front of my car was up to the painted line (and the car) in front of me. The back of my car overhung the other line. The parking space was shorter than my car! Leaving my car there was a mistake because when I got back from the courthouse there was a different car behind mine, and it had pulled up near my bumper, probably thinking I was an idiot who couldn't park. So I was bumper to bumper in a parallel parking space. I could barely get out, only after a ridiculous number of movements again.

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