Driver's licenses scanned and recorded at Clarke Middle

Clarke Middle School principal Ken Sherman rolled out a new security procedure without consulting the Clarke County School District (article). Parents may no longer pick up their children by simply showing identification; now they must allow the school to scan their driver's license, record its information, and run an electronic background check. According to a teacher, Jenna Thiel, Sherman insisted on scanning her license despite her showing her district ID badge before allowing her to pick up her sick child:
The fact that I would not comply seemed to anger Ken Sherman. He began to verbally assault me by calling me ‘despicable’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘unprofessional’. He ordered me to come into his office and sit in a chair. I did not comply and told him that as an adult, I would not allow him to speak to me that way. This just angered him more. He then threatened to have the officer escort me out of the building. It was at that point I realized I was no longer dealing with a rational human. It was as though I was dealing with a behavior disordered child. I knew that discussion with Ken Sherman would no longer behoove me. So, I decided to direct my comments to the officer in which I explained my rights allowed me to have my son with the I.D. I provided without being treated so disrespectfully. At that point Ken decided to ‘let me have’ my child.
Her statement is posted on Jason Winders' blog. I suppose the procedure is debatable, but if these allegations are true then may be a troublesome attitude behind it.

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