Art in DePalmas downtown

So I was at DePalmas for my weekly slice and salad today. I have been in and out of DePalmas for a long time now, but for the first time, I noticed some oil paintings on the wall in the lobby area. I asked the hostess about the pictures and she was kind enough to ask around. It turns out that they were painted in 1999 by a S. Mullins. The painting of an archway over by the inner door (on the left as you face into the restaurant is fantastic. The colors really jumped out at me.
Anyway, aside from my never having noticed them before, (I guess I am generally non-observant in spells) I am posting this to see if anyone knows who S Mullins is and is his/her art displayed elsewhere? The paintings in question have been hanging there for a long time and depict scenes from the Italian countryside.


hillary said...

I have to assume it's Stan, who lives and works on Pulaski and occasionally lets people play music there too. His place is just before you get to the Leathers Building, on the right. Also, he seems to have a website: http://www.stanmullins.com/

Tim said...

Thanks Hillary. I'll check out the site.

Flannery O'Clobber said...

Indeedy. It is Stan.