Suspicious yellow van; entrepreneurship

This may be a little late, but there is an e-mail going around warning Athens residents of a suspicious yellow van. It says he told one resident "he had a letter which needed to be signed for collection," but the person refused to sign anything or let the man use his phone. It says that at another location on March 21 the man grabbed a woman who was able to free herself, close her door, and report the incident to the police. The van is described as yellow but with no markings, and it has been spotted in such places as Skyline Park and the St. Ives subdivision.

In other news, Athens-Clarke County is expected to receive a designation from the Georgia Department of Economic Development as an entrepreneur friendly community. Mayor Heidi Davison said yesterday that earning this designation requires not only that the community to have the appropriate resources but have them organized and accessible in one place. I'm not sure which place that is, but maybe we'll find out in upcoming news stories talking about this process.

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