Surveillance cameras bust vandal

The Athens-Clarke County Police report that the perpetrator of graffiti with a marker was caught this morning by a surveillance camera, and the suspect was charged for 13 markings:

Around 0220 April 9 a communications officer monitoring the downtown surveillance cameras saw a male writing on the wall outside JR’S BAIT SHACK, 142 N Jackson St. An officer responded and located the male at Wall St/Clayton St. He was identified as JOHN MCCALL DAVIS. He was asked if he had a marker on his person and DAVIS advised he did. A check of the downtown area revealed 12 other locations that had been marked with “JMD” or “PC4.” These locations included FOSTER’S JEWELERS, 283 E Clayton St; JUNKMAN’S BROTHER’S DAUGHTER, 283 E Clayton St; DEPALMA’S, 401 E Broad St; THE 283 BAR, 283 E Broad St; SCHOOL KIDS RECORDS, 264 E Clayton St; ATHENS REALTY, 254 E Clayton St; MARGO JEWELERS, 224 E Clayton St; COOKIES CAFÉ, 198 College Ave; ON THE ROCKS, 255 E Clayton St; PITA PIT, 123 N Jackson St; a building at 173 Jackson St; and a light pole at Clayton and Jackson St. DAVIS, 34, Commerce Rd, was arrested and chargd with 13 counts
Criminal Trespass to Property. (04-0641)

Update: The Athens Banner-Herald has covered this: "Graffiti arrest makes case for cameras, police say," 10 April 2007.

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