It's chilly outside!

I realize this is not exactly news. I like to check the weather forecasts online and was aware we were in for a drop in temperature. Last night on TV I heard some weatherman say that it would be "COLD" today and I thought that saying it like that was a bit much. Walking around the UGA campus this morning without a jacket has changed my mind. It is cold, relatively speaking. I am looking forward to the return of our normal spring time temps.


Adrian Pritchett said...

Temperature is pretty relative, which is why weather screws around with us so much. I like the weather today. It seems more normal, like a little relief from the untimely heat we experienced the last two weeks.

It seems like I never really know what the weather is supposed to be in the spring or fall months because it is so random each year.

Anonymous said...

I did hear that it was supposed to be 30 tommorow morning, but I really hope this was an April fools joke.

Tim said...

Its supposed to be down to the mid-20's Saturday night, if you believe the weather folks.
I hope this doesn't kill the Oconee peach crop.