10th district voter registration drive

HELP! We have fallen, and we are about to get up!

Dear Democrats in the 10th Congressional District of Georgia,

Now is our chance! We?ve been asking for it. We have a wonderful
opportunity to put a good Democrat in Congress representing our interests!

What an exciting day that will be!

The Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) and the Voter Registration (VR)
Committee have targeted Athens-Clarke County as the key to the 10th.

We feel if we get our old faithful and new faithful to simply vote on June
19th, 2007 we can take this seat from the Republicans.
Wow! That does not give us much time!

The last day to register to vote is May 21, 2007.

*********The DPG VR Committee is holding a get-started meeting in Athens on
this Saturday, April 14th at 10am. 337 S Milledge Ave (Butler Bldg).

We want YOU there! We want every good Democrat to get involved!

If you are a good Democrat, a member of your County Democratic Party, the
State Committee or Executive Committee of the DPG, League of Women?s
Voters, APRI, etc.
I urge you to come on Saturday! We need your energy and your knowledge of
our community and Congressional District. You are so important to our

Please try to come this Saturday. For sure, plan to vote on June 19th.
Please, please forward this information to anyone you know who can help
register, volunteer to phone bank, or help in any way.

We have the talent, knowledge, and dedication to pull this one off!

Barbara A. Sims
10th Congressional District Chair DPG

Counties in the 10th:
Banks, Clarke, Columbia, Elbert, Franklin, Greene, Habersham, Hart, Jackson,
Lincoln, Madison, McDuffie, Morgan, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Putnam, Rabun,
Richmond (part), Stephens, Towns, and Wilkes.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>We want every good Democrat

"Good Democrat"????

Isn't that an oxymoron??

Just wondering.

Bear said...

This Zonie will contribute to Bill Greene's campaign. The last thing congress needs is another Pelosi wussie to endorse her socialist agenda.

Unknown said...

The only good Democrat is..... let's see.... good Democrat... hummm, I just can't think of one.

Unknown said...

We need a return to the Reagan Era...
the only candidate that comes to mind that can achieve this is Mark Myers and his 21st Century Contract for America. More info at markmyersforcongress.com