Copper thefts

There has been a whole lot of copper stolen this year in Athens. Here are some recent examples reported by the ACCPD:

  • Oct. 18 or 19: $1000 worth of copper pipes stolen from a house under construction by White Oak Homes on Idlewilde Drive.
  • Between Oct. 31 and Nov. 29: $7500 worth of copper wiring stolen from a location on Danielsville Road.
  • Dec. 4: A man on Epps Bridge Parkway saw three individuals taking copper wire from a wooded area on his uncle's adjacent property. He blocked their vehicle with his, and they were charged with attempted theft by taking and criminal trespass.
  • Between Dec. 12 and 13: $900 worth of copper wiring was taken out of three apartments at the Oakwood Forest complex on Fourth Street (along with seven air conditioning units from another location on the property). A suspect's vehicle was identified.
  • Dec. 13 or 14: $2300 worth of copper wiring was stolen from a house under construction on Bridgewater Circle.
  • Between Dec. 16 and 17: Eight houses under construction by Starr Home Builders on Katydid Drive and Bridgewater Way were burgled of $2800 worth of copper wire.
  • Between Dec. 12 and 26: An Altarstone Drive property had copper pipe stolen along with a refrigerator, carpeting, and two air conditioning units, a total value of $3130.

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