Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is the soup kitchen for the needy operated by Athens Urban Ministries at the Oconee Street United Methodist Church. For many years they have served lunch on weekdays, and nowadays they serve breakfast too. According to an article last year on Online Athens, they also now offer sack lunches on Saturdays and sack suppers on Sundays, and they don't require proof of eligibility to serve. When the guests show up for lunch they are given numbers, and numbers are called out as plates are served and seats are vacant. Members of several area churches volunteer to staff the kitchen, and it appears that their friendly efforts are much appreciated. It gets called a soup kitchen, though I haven't seen soup served there. They serve things like macaroni-and-cheese and ham, and the food looks a lot healthier than what I often eat for lunch. As you would expect, the guests are different kinds of people with different backgrounds. Some are regulars while others show up when their finances are in a pinch; some are homeless, some are not; some are jobless, some are not. Perhaps I'll learn more about the operation of this place.

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