The Bamboo That Owns Itself

Jonathan Railey remarked about this Grady Avenue bamboo stand last week in his article on the Georgia Guidestones in Flagpole. He was speaking of "roadside oddities of peculiar origin that dont really fit with their surroundings in any conventional way," placing this bamboo in a category with the Georgia Guidestones, the Iron Horse -- and the Tree That Owns Itself.


So this bamboo is considered an Athens landmark. It needs a name. Maybe it should be the Bamboo That Owns Itself, or even better -- the Bamboo That Owns Its House, considering its dimensions. It's a landmark connected to an Athens institution since it is in front of a house owned by Michael Stipe (I'm not sure which one).

Perhaps it is an invasive species, but I sure would love to have some in my backyard to keep out trespassers. Invasive species are often grown intentionally but carefully tended to. I was warned not to plant English ivy, for instance, but I decided to plant it anyway and keep it cut back when it finally grows. If this bamboo was grown to give privacy it probably backfires by attracting attention. (You know, bloggers with cameras, tipped off by Flagpole writers...)

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