We saw The Tempest

We saw "The Tempest" performed by the Town and Gown Players last night. I must say it was a piece of work. It was visually impressive in several aspects. There was a lot of action that was underscored by a lot of attention to lighting changes. There was one set with sloping surfaces, platforms, a cave, and a wicked-looking tree. There was a lot of attention to stylish costumes, and of course the spirits had colorful face paint and unitards. See the T&G photo album for an idea.

I must say, though, that I couldn't follow much because the play wasn't in English. Shakespeare wrote his plays in Elizabethan, and that's basically another language. Methinks ye yeasty rump-fed foot lickers acquainted well with Shakespeare didst follow the plot. Some of us on the front row were relieved to find out during intermission that we weren't the only idiots when we started talking about the story, and some people didn't return after intermission.

What was the music like? Glad you asked. Certain parts of the play were sung a cappella according to tunes written by Will Riley. Will explained that another major part of the adaptation was abridging it down to two acts with many characters cut out. The original play would be six hours long.

There will be four more shows Thursday through Friday, and they are two and a quarter hours long.