Fragrant intellectual visitor

The worst problem my friend is experiencing from his house guest is that this visitor has taken about one shower in the two weeks since he arrived. My friend offered to wash his clothes, but he said, no, he didn't want detergent on his clothes. The visitor is supposedly still recovering from time living in a tent in Athens and following a guru he believed to be Jesus Christ. It seems that the visitor doesn't have his personal convictions in order because he is shifting among different ideas on a daily basis. My friend had been warned that this man was obviously a little different because he was seen dancing in circles along the streets of his hometown. This visitor is well-read and intellectually challenging, though, so I wouldn't even begin to question his searchings. The visitor has procured items that suit his vegan diet during his stay, and my friend has enjoyed the new abundance of interesting bagels and whatnot. My friend's apartment is near campus and downtown, so the visitor has the heart of Athens at his disposal.