Blue Sky Closes -- WTF?

This is totally surprising, and I wish it were a false rumor: The Day Jobs blog reports that Blue Sky Cafe has closed for good. Maybe everything that touches the north side of the Western Union building turns to crap. I never asked Perry Pledger if it was due to success or failure, but he told me about selling an ice cream business that occupied that unit, and then I think it went downhill afterwards. There was some kind of grill there for a time when I first came to Athens, and generally I didn't pay much attention to which businesses were there until Peter Woodworth started Classic Dogg 'N Deli. Peter seemed really hardworking and friendly, so when he closed for renovations and stayed closed I don't know if it was because of failure or because the Blue Sky people made a good offer. They turned two separate units into one, so if the north side space is bad luck then the whole floor is screwed now. The reason for the alleyway on that side is to provide a fire escape path for Clayton Street apartment residents, and the county requires clearance four feet wide. Anyway, Blue Sky was looking neat and swanky, so I am surprised that there is sudden trouble. I wonder if maybe they should just reorganize the operations, get a new name, and reopen as a restaurant without the coffee shop schizophrenia. If anyone has information about what the deal is, please write comments.

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