Hot Dog King

A couple sells hot dogs from a cart labeled "HOT DOG KING" on South Jackson Street (the photo is from last week). Their basic hot dog is priced at $2.00. I tried to talk them into selling me my first hot dog for $1.50, but neither of them backed down. I began by asking what size they are, and the lady told me they were regular size, which I tried to use for leverage. I said that I could get a chili dog for cheaper at the Varsity, but the gentleman said the Varsity was far away. (That's evidence that businesses near campus like to take advantage of the captive population of students and employees.) I didn't bother telling him I was going to be at Broad and Milledge in about 20 minutes. I just didn't buy a hot dog. I did buy one weeks later, and though it was decent it was nothing to write home about.

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