Hot Dog King

A couple sells hot dogs from a cart labeled "HOT DOG KING" on South Jackson Street (the photo is from last week). Their basic hot dog is priced at $2.00. I tried to talk them into selling me my first hot dog for $1.50, but neither of them backed down. I began by asking what size they are, and the lady told me they were regular size, which I tried to use for leverage. I said that I could get a chili dog for cheaper at the Varsity, but the gentleman said the Varsity was far away. (That's evidence that businesses near campus like to take advantage of the captive population of students and employees.) I didn't bother telling him I was going to be at Broad and Milledge in about 20 minutes. I just didn't buy a hot dog. I did buy one weeks later, and though it was decent it was nothing to write home about.

Seen on Herty Drive

Spraypainted message says, "ZELL IS A TRAITOR."
Herty Drive: spraypainted message


No chemistry test today

I was in the Russell Hall parking lot just after the tornado sirens began sounding. The police started driving around with their lights flashing and announcing through their public address speakers that there was a tornado warning and that people should stay off the road. A co-worker and I wandered into Russell Hall for shelter where the staff was instructing everyone to stay in hallways on the first three floors, so we found ourselves in a crowd of freshmen. The nearest activities to pass the time were some guys watching a "Jackass" DVD and other guys playing guitars. After maybe 20 minutes we got the "all clear" message and then went to experience the gameday-style gridlock on the roads that ensued after the university closed for the rest of the day.


Get 'em

I came over a hill on Riverbend Road the night before the Georgia Southern game and found the road at the bottom of the hill flanked with police cars and several cops standing on the centerline. Roadblock? No. Sobriety check? Probably. The officer at the front began waving me and my government vehicle through. As I approached I heard some shouting that ended with "...pickup truck!" Three officers simultaneously sprung into action as if springloaded. It was as impressive as synchronized swimming. I could see the one that darted in front of me grab his hat and hold it down as he began sprinting. A police car from the left also cut in front of me and across the oncoming traffic and then sped away. I imagine they could have scored several DUI arrests and probably a few underage-by-possesion.