Strickland's Restaurant and Catering

I had my first experience with the Athens institution of Strickland's Restaurant and Catering. We went there for breakfast this morning. The sausage patties were close to the size of hamburger patties; I can't imagine what large chunks they must have been before they were cooked. The restaurant is in a simple building with cafeteria-style service. The walls are mostly decorated with artwork about the Georgia Bulldogs, but there is also a watercolor of Strickland's in what looks to be a downtown location that I'm not familiar with. The coffee mugs all bore the name and address of Southern Surplus Building Materials. The restaurant is in an unattractive part of Atlanta Highway with a lot displaying metal storage buildings next door and a giant billboard with one half devoted to pointing to Strickland's with an arrow. The food was good, and I was glad to see that they served Pepsi in this territory dominated by Coca-Cola. I was also glad to see that Strickland's is a place with a broad enough appeal to attract both black and white people, unlike some of the country cafes spread out around Athens.

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