Lap cat

Here's something my cats would never do well: ride in a car. But on East Campus Road at the red light for College Station Road today I looked to my left and saw this guy behind the wheel with a cat in his lap. He was petting this long-haired cat that was calmly looking around and blinking. It looked out of place because I would expect a cat to claw around screaming bloody murder if let loose in a car. So the guy was petting his cat and the cat was happy and calm, and they looked like could have been in front of the TV or something, but, no, they were in a Mitsubishi Montero.


Coffee on Washington Street

Drinking coffee in front of Hot Corner Coffee evokes memories of days gone by when you could drink coffee in front of Jittery Joe's nearby on Washington Street. The scenery is shifted a couple hundred feet or so -- that's the only difference. Back then would you have guessed that one day you might be drinking coffee in front of Adcock Furniture?

A guy wearing an open shirt and carrying a duffel bag and a long stick stops in front of the coffee shop and bums a cigarette from some folks. He walks across Hull Street and pauses in front of the Morton Theater to puff away while looking in the window. He drops his stick, bends to replace it in his duffel bag, and slowly continues uphill.


Fahrenheit 9/11

We attended a sold-out matinee showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 today at Beechwood Stadium Cinemas. The ending was met with a round of applause. This theater started showing this movie a week after its release in response to its strong nationwide performance. We knew it was going to be big, so it is amazing that the theater management did not originally think it was worth showing an anti-Bush movie in what may be the most liberal town in Georgia, and that shows how out of touch some people are with reality. This movie was number one last weekend, despite the fact that the number two movie was shown in three times as many theaters.